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  • James Drury

the old leatherworks

As part of the York Theatre Royal community theatre project 'In Fog & Falling Snow' the costume department took up residence in the old Robson Cooper shop in central York. I headed over one lunchtime expecting to shoot the costumes team in action, but found myself rapidly distracted from needle & thread by the building and it's past. Originally an 18th Century private Mansion house, a leatherworks business was founded here in 1840 making saddlery & harnesses for Queen Victoria and the British Cavalry. Architecturally it's a real gem of a place but with the added bonus of interesting & curious artefacts still remaining from the business which closed in 2014. There's a real serenity about the place despite the city centre location and all the hustle & bustle that brings.

The building was tastefully restored and updated by York Conservation Trust and is now home to the excellent pub 'The House of Trembling Madness'


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