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  • James Drury

Urban Exploration (urbex)

recent-ish wanderings around UK abandoned buildings...

the house of trembling mannaquins

'you'll love this place' said a friend. Usually this means a burnt out crack den with a bit of graff...I had no idea just how spectacular this place would prove to be. After waiting around 40 mins for the estate manager to find the front door key, we were in. Many rooms full of vintage Mannequins in all shapes and sizes, corridors of peeling paint and a slightly damp 1980's decorated bachelor pad. Now converted to a holiday let; but I'd love to know what became of those Mannequins...

mannequin graveyard

Mannakin is an incredible place to visit, home to 20,000 Mannequins (give or take a few 1000...) The whole place is available to rent for a video film shoot, photography location shoot or just to wander round. Fascinating backstory to its creation with recycling at its heart. You can even buy or rent a Mannequin.

police house block

...guarding an old Victorian munitions depot, in a very sad state, but thankfully now listed.

the book house

such a rare find, an abandoned house full of a lifetimes stuff

the old tool works

home to a tool manufacturer since 1873. Now cleared out, future unknown...

births marriages & deaths

beautiful old Victorian registrars office with ornate sweeping staircases, mosaic tiled flooring and a 2 ton safe in a very damp basement. The roof is full of holes...which doesn't bode well for it's future (It was hammering it down when we explored this place, water streamed from top to bottom)

dark satanic mill

...with surprising pastel hues. An enormous building, the lower floors were used as a film set in later years until the owners went bust.



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