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  • James Drury


Drax is the UK's largest power station, responsible for generating 7% of our electricity from a mixture of coal and increasingly bio-mass in order to meet long term environmental targets.

I was fortunate to be part of the first photowalk on what proved to be the most perfect of evenings; from blue skies to broody clouds, topped off with a glowing sunset, all providing great light in and around the industrial environment of steel & brutalist concrete.

Such a contrast in sights, smells & sounds as we moved throughout the site on foot and via our stretch golf buggies. Beginning in the coal burning part of site with it's miles of pipes, walkways and gantries; (think Bladerunner opening titles) set against a vast coal backdrop.

Then onto sleek biomass domes, complete with their distinct woody aroma before finishing up at the foot of truly massive & iconic cooling towers as the sun set. Perfect.

Huge thanks to Steven Parker for organising the event.


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